Who Is Laryssa Farmiga? Laryssa Farmiga Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career, Relationship

Who Is Laryssa Farmiga?

A New Jersey native, Laryssa Farmiga was born in the United States. Laryssa Farmiga is the daughter of Mykhailo Farmiga.

She Was Born On August 6, 1973, in New Jersey USA. In 2021, she is 46 years old. The names of Laryssa’s three sisters are Vera Farmiga, Nadia Farmiga, and Tissaissa Farmiga; and accompanied by the names of her three brothers, Alexander Farmiga, Victor Farmiga, and Stephan Farmiga.

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Farmiga is a middle-aged woman in height of 5 feet, 612 feet, and weighs 119 pounds (54 kgs). Laryssa Farmiga eyes and hair colour is brown.

She was born in the USA to American parents Lubomyra (née Spas) and Mykhailo Farmiga. Her younger sister Vera Farmiga was named after her while Taissa Farmiga was named for her older sister Nadia.

Laryssa Farmiga is an American actress and of Ukrainian descent. She has a sister named Vera Ann Farmiga and has a brother named Stephan Farmiga.

At only six years old, Laryssa Farmiga was born with spina bifida, and she has always been a shy person. Despite her celebrity status, Laryssa has not been linked to any notable relationship so far.

However, he never disclosed specific details about his private life to the media. Likewise, he never aspired to be more distinguished in his dealings with others.

Laryssa Farmiga has been nominated for an Academy Award for her acting in “Up in the Air.” In addition, she has also won a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Award. Moreover, she has also been nominated for Saturn and BAFTA awards.

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However, she still enjoys the life her famous actress sister, Vera Farmiga, has experienced, despite the lack of information regarding her value right now and her salary. According to sources, the estimated value of her Vera Farmiga is about $ 10 million at present.