Who Is Tonya Hartwell? Tonya Hartwell Bio 2023, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Tonya Hartwell?

Tonya Hartwell was born on April 22 in the United States but has not revealed her birth year, which makes her age a mystery. Her family, however, is not known except that she has a sister named Joye. Jake Paul Phone Number

Hartwell is a former American football linebacker who was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2001 NFL Draft. Tonya and Edgerton married in February 2019.

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After a friend exposed a famous affair involving Tonya Hartwell, she found herself in a love triangle the following year. Since the heat has subsided, she has gone from a mistress to a mother and wife.

After getting married to Tonya, Edgerton divorced his ex-wife Keshia Knight-Pulliam, who he then found cheating on Edgerton. After the divorce, Edgerton filed for divorce from Keisha and it ended up in a competitive court case.

While Edgerton was the father, Keisha announced that she was expecting another baby girl after the divorce was given to the court. After passing the paternity test, the results proved that he was indeed the father.

In September 2018, Tonya and her partner introduced their first child together. They named her Sevynn. Moreover, she also has a 17-year-old daughter, Cylah, from her previous relationship. The couple lives happily in Los Angeles together with five of their children.

She is considered a mistress by Edgerton Hartwell during the time she was married. According to her Instagram bio, Edgerton Hartwell’s wife is employed at the Northeast Division as a dealer relationship manager. Her net worth is almost $200,000 in 2021. Tonya Hartwell

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She was married to an American football player, and for most of his career, he played for the Las Vegas Locomotives, playing with them until 2010. Her husband currently has a net worth of $200,000, and he also pays his ex-wife $3007 monthly as child support.