Who Is Steffy Moreno? Steffy Moreno Lifestyle, Age, Social Media Followers

Who Is Steffy Moreno?

The Colombian model and YouTuber Steffy Moreno have a huge following nationwide. A youtube channel termed Steffy Moreno has been created by Steffy Moreno as of 10 February 2016, and it is currently subscribed to by over 792K people (as of 2023). The majority of her YouTube videos are about her travel trips and fitness.

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In 1993, Steffy Moreno was born in Medellin, Colombia, and is well known on YouTube as a well-known YouTube Star. Colombian YouTube star Steffi Moreno has achieved success from her channel.

A month after uploading her first YouTube video, she followed up with another, titled Lisbon, Portugal: Focus on the Adventures.

She’s also popular on Instagram, where she posts fitness photos as well as modeling shots. Luisa Fernanda W and VerĂ³nica Giraldo Navarro are also famous Colombian social media personalities.

Her height is 5 feet, 7 inches. Beautiful black eyes and long black hair made her one of the most beautiful women on the planet. In the year 2023, she weighs 58 kg (Kilogram).

Among Colombia’s richest YouTube stars is Steffy Moreno. There are 49.65 million people living in this country with an average GDP of $331 billion

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By 2023. According to the latest estimates of her net worth, she owns $1 Million US Dollars. She is a Columbian YouTuber who specializes in fitness and travel. Her main source of income comes from her daily growth of subscribers on her YouTube Channel.